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Responding to the call

Constable Kregiel with store staff and security

While in uniform, State Constable Timothy Kregiel entered an Acme supermarket in Philadelphia and immediately was called upon to serve. The store staff and management was attempting to remove an individual from the property who was unwilling to leave.

The management noticed the uniform of Constable Kregiel and asked for help. Constable Kregiel spoke with the individual and was successfully able to remove him from the store. Constable Kregiel, along with the help of store security, stood at the door until the person was off of the property.

The store staff and security was extremely grateful.

That’s your State Constable at work!

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In the court opinion of In re ACT 147 OF 1990, it is stated:

“Simply stated, a constable is a peace officer. A constable is a known officer charged with the conservation of the peace, and whose business it is to arrest those who have violated it”

When called upon by the public, a Constable has a duty to help conserve the peace or arrest those who violate it. In this instance the peace was conserved and an arrest was not needed when the individual cooperated and left the property.

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