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Pennsylvania State Constables were founded in 1664. They are locally elected peace officers and may perform their duties to preserve the peace or to arrest those who breach the peace or commit felonies in their presence anywhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Constables are independent of each other and are the chief of their office. Deputy Constables can be appointed with approval from the court. Constables are to be impartial and above reproach. It is a high honor to be elected by the voters to preserve the peace.

Constables are charged with maintaining order at the election polls and ensuring that no qualified voter is obstructed from voting.

Some of the duties of Constables are to serve warrants, transport defendants, assist in landlord-tenant cases, traffic management, provide peace keeping support, enforce ordinances, and depending where in the State they serve, respond to calls of loose livestock.

Constables serve the Magisterial District Courts, but may also assist in serving the Common Pleas Court, when requested by the County Sheriff. Though Constables assist the Courts, they belong to the executive branch of government and answer to the Governor.

Constables are not tax payer funded.

How to become a PA State Constable

There are two methods of becoming a Constable; be elected to the office or, when there is a vacancy, be appointed to the office. Review the Becoming a Constable page for more details.

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PA State Constable - First In Law Enforcement - Founded 1664