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Constable and Local Police Officer Assaulted

On Jan 4, 2023, Gettysburg Times reported that State Constable Joshua Fitting and Bendersville Police Officer, Alexander Babik, were called to a disturbance and arrested an individual involved for assaulting them.

“Constable Fitting at my request tactfully placed Cunningham-Camacho on the ground,” where he allegedly “continued to fight and resist arrest by attempting to punch and wrestle with Constable Fitting,” according to the affidavit.

Cunningham-Camacho “was ultimately cuffed and placed in the patrol vehicle,” according to the affidavit.

We are thankful that neither officer was injured in this arrest.

State Constables are part of the Pennsylvania law enforcement family. We are better able to conserve the peace and protect life and property when State Constables are working alongside fellow law enforcement officers to conserve the peace and arrest those who violate it.

NOTE: A Pennsylvania State Constable is a peace officer; a police officer.

528 Pa. 460 (1991) / Argued April 11, 1991. – “Simply stated, a constable is a peace officer. 3 A constable is a known officer charged with the conservation of the peace, and whose business it is to arrest those who have violated it”

Footnote # 3. The constable is a police officer.

Commonwealth v. Copenhaver, 229 A.3d 242 (Pa. 2020) “… a breach of the peace arises from an act or circumstance that causes harm to persons or property, or has a reasonable potential to cause such harm, or otherwise to provoke violence, danger, or disruption to public order.”

Press Release – 202301 | 01/16/2023

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