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Congratulations to Constable Michael Smith

Congratulations to Constable Michael Smith for completing the 40-hour Memphis Model Crisis Intervention Team Program and the QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training began in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1980s and has been widely adopted around the country. CIT is an effective law enforcement response program designed for first responders who handle crisis calls involving people with mental illness including those with co-occurring substance use disorders. CIT training emphasizes a partnership between law enforcement, the mental health and substance abuse treatment system, mental health advocacy groups, and consumers of mental health services and their families. CIT is both a training program, and a collaborative effort that builds community partnerships with mental health service providers Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught Gatekeeper training in the world.

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