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Congratulations Constables | BTG-AVS

Constable Christopher Lee and Constable Timothy Kregiel completed Advance Vehicle Stop training in Carlisle, Pennsylvania during a multi-agency training session.

Constables Kregiel and Lee

Course Details
Advanced Traffic Stops(CLEO1371)
Advanced Traffic Stops focuses on all the legal issues surrounding searching and seizing a vehicle in your state, a skill every officer needs to possess. Whether you are fresh out of the academy, or two years before retirement, this training will help you become an expert on traffic stop case law.

Real World De-Escalation (CLEO1692)
Decades of police training have made officers experts at using force to overcome resistance. But less attention has been paid to training officers in mastering de-escalation. Overcoming resistance is not enough, and this training will give you practical and workable tactics to help diffuse escalated encounters.

Duty to Intervene
If we are to police others, we must also police ourselves. The law requires real-time intervention whenever a fellow officer, from any agency, goes down the wrong path and violates the law. Failing to intervene may result in termination, criminal charges, and civil rights lawsuits. Every law enforcement professional must attend this course – Your job and freedom depend on it.

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