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Congratulations Constable Kregiel

Congratulations to Constable Timothy Kregiel for completing the Drug Identification, Paraphernalia, and the Motor Vehicle Stop course.

From the Training Course Page:

This course is intended to give police officers the training they deserve to formulate effective and well-rounded opinions that can be utilized when initiating a motor vehicle stop where it is believed there is criminal and/or drug activity. Instructor Sergeant Scott Kivet will highlight both the most common drugs seen, as well as those that are not always prevalent. Kivet will use his years of experience to educate officers on each drug’s classifications, identifications, associated paraphernalia, and the common signs and symptoms of each drug’s use. “Drug Identification, Paraphernalia, and the Motor Vehicle Stop” will teach attendees how to identify red flags that are commonly undetected in the field of narcotics and specifically teach how to articulate reasonable suspicion or probable cause.
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