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Congratulations Constable Kregiel – VTS

Congratulations to Constable Timothy Kregiel for completing the Vehicle (Traffic) Stops (TCOLE) course from OSS Academy.

From the Training Course Page:

This is an OSS Academy® Vehicle (Traffic) Stops online training course offered for Peace Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators.

Why do some officers stop a vehicle, write the driver a citation, and then have the driver thank them, or even send a commendation letter to their department? Conversely, why do other officers conduct traffic stops and almost everyone they stop complains about them? It is probably dependent upon the manner in which the traffic stop is conducted, and the level of professionalism that is demonstrated. If you are not practiced in the art of a traffic stop, the communication dynamics that ensure a successful outcome, or the need to establish consistency in how you conduct traffic stops, then this is the course for you. The purpose of this course is to assist officers in understanding the need for consistency in their approach to traffic stops, and the personal dynamics involved in making traffic stops. This course provides approach tactics, communication dynamics, and a seven step process for handling almost every traffic stop.
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