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ACCA Press Release

The following press release was sent by the Allegheny County Constables Association. For more info please contact Constable Matthew Verghies at 412-209-9034.

Constables Respond to Call of Fallen Officer; we send our prayers to the family of the fallen officer.

On 2-6-23 in McKeesport there was an officer involved shooting where a suspect fatally shot an officer and wounded another before being taken into custody. After hearing the call for help by one of the officers over their radio numerous officers and departments showed up to assist in any way possible. During that response four constables from the Allegheny County Constable Association, John Borkowski, John Stein, Jozef Turcan, and Kevin O’Donnell showed up to render aid and assist in anyway possible. All four of these individuals showed up without knowing what they were getting into and without knowing if the suspect was in custody at that point in time. All they knew was that officers they have worked closely with were injured and needed assistance. These four constables did what most of us hope we never have to do.

Matthew Verghies
President, ACCA

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